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Stainless steel casters(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-12-10
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Stainless steel casters detailed information

A stainless steel casters features
1 full stainless steel bracket
Resistant to high temperature grease
3 waterproof, anti-rust, corrosion

, Stainless steel casters bracket features
    Stainless steel caster bracket features: made ??of 304 stainless steel plate, stainless steel the lacoste disc structure, corrosion resistance, and 100% washable
     The polished surface of the stent can remain long-term bright. Load larger mobile equipment suitable for food processing and catering industries.
, Stainless steel caster wheels optional
    Stainless steel casters wheels Optional: core PU wheel core rubber, plastic core, polyurethane, nylon wheel, bakelite wheel, cast iron wheel, TPR-wheel, anti-static wheel
     Common colors of black, red, gray, white, blue

, Stainless steel casters
    Stainless steel casters waterproof, rust, corrosion (for wet environments) applies to load larger mobile equipment to the food processing and catering industries.


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