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The structure of the wheel(Hits:) 
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The castors structure by a single wheel is mounted on the stent is made for mounting underneath the device so that it free to move.

    Casters mainly divided into two categories:

   A fixed casters: mounting bracket coupled with a single round, and can only move along a straight line.

   B activity Casters: 360 degree steering bracket coupled with the single wheel is able to travel to any direction.

  Mounting height: means the vertical distance from the ground to the equipment installation location. Caster mounting height is the vertical distance casters backplane wheel remote.

  Bracket steering center distance: distance refers to the the center rivet vertical line to the center of the wheel core level.

   Turning radius: refers to the center rivet vertical line to the tire outer edge of the horizontal distance, proper spacing Castors can be turned 360 degrees. The turning radius is reasonable or not directly affect the service life of the casters.

   The driving load: casters moving load-bearing capacity. Also known as dynamic load, casters dynamic load due to the implementation of standards and factory test different ways different. Wheel material. Lies in the structure and quality of the bracket to impact and shock.

   Impact load: When a device is the bearer of shock or shock casters instantaneous load-bearing capacity.

   Static load: be able to withstand the weight of the casters in the stationary state. The general situation of static load should be provided for the traveling load [Activity bearer] 5 to 6 times, the static load should be at least 2 times the impact load. Steering: hard, narrow wheels than soft, wide wheels turning easier. Turning radius wheels turning an important parameter, rotating half-Jin is too short will increase your steering difficulty too large will cause the wheel to shake and shortened life expectancy.

   Travel flexibility: impact casters driving flexibility factors: the structure of the stent and stent selection of steel, the size of the wheels, wheel type, bearings, etc.. Wheels the greater travel flexibility as possible. On a smooth ground, hard, narrow wheel and effort than the flat side soft wheels. On uneven ground, soft wheels to better protect the device and shock absorbers.


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