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The casters of maintenance method(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2012-12-10
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User wheels the proper maintenance and operation of the equipment responsible. To avoid improper use or equipment. To overload, the heavy special light on the car. High speeds on rough roads or heavy objects hit pressure wheels cause the wheels or equipment damage., Regularly check:
Bracket and fasteners: loose axle nut is tightened and check welds or support plates have been damaged. Overloading or impact will cause the bracket to distort. The twisted bracket so overloaded tilt pressure in the individual wheel and cause the wheels to premature failure. If the plug rod Casters, tighten the nuts firmly clenched and equipment mounting bracket is not bent and the plunger is installed correctly.

  The installed casters should be used when locking nut or locking gasket. The installation the expansion plug rods sexual casters To guarantee the plunger firmly installed in the kit. Lubricated regularly lubricating the wheels and bearings can be used for a long activities. Grease applied to the axle seals and roller bearings, friction parts to reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Every six months under normal circumstances, once lubrication, the car should wheel lubrication monthly cleaning, the wheels visually check wheel wear. The wheels turning poor with thin red rope and other debris. Anti-wrapped cover the wound can stop these debris.

  Casters is too loose or too tight is also another factor, replacing defective wheels / casters to avoid instability in the rotation. Inspection and replacement wheels shall ensure tight axle with lock washers and nuts. Axle loose spoke bracket will lead to friction and stuck. Should be available to replace the wheels and bearings to avoid production losses.
Casters if the active steering is too loose to be immediately replaced. Caster center rivet nut fixed to guarantee its furrowed firmly.

  If the activities of the steering can not rotate freely should check the ball at any corrosion or stolen goods. If equipped with a fixed Casters, shall ensure that the wheel bracket without bending phenomenon.


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